Prior Years Charities

Leon S. Peters Burn Center at Community Regional Medical Center. The only 'round-the-clock, comprehensive burn center between Los Angeles and Sacramento, they treat patients within 15,000 square miles – an area almost as big as Rhode Island, Connecticut and New Jersey combined. This facility provides inpatient services, burn programs and has an outstanding burn teams that include: Nurses, Respiratory care practitioners, Physical and occupational therapists, Social workers, Clinical nutritionists, Dedicated pharmacists, Speech therapists, Advanced practice personnel and Physicians

​​​Professionals In Workers' Compensation

Fresno Chapter

PIWC Charities

Funds Donated:  $2,500.00

PIWC is committed to giving back to those in need within our community.  This year we will donate all proceeds from the raffle sales directly to the selected Charity and will consider any additional funds that may become available. 

Below are the 2018 selected charities, which we are honored to support, and appreciate their cause.