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Prior Years Charities

Angels of Grace Family Foster Agency. Known throughout the community for their infectious love for abused and neglected children, they are passionate about helping people discover their purpose and passions in life, and committed advocates for women and children who face issues and have needs in the Central Valley.

Their services go above and beyond just meeting the physical needs of the foster children placed in their care.  Their mission is not possible but for the generosity and sponsorship from the community.  Type your paragraph here.

PIWC will be housing drop off boxes at multiple location starting 10/16/17 - 12/5/17.  

Funds Donated:  $2500

Funds Donated:  $2500 + $1100 in individual donations.

Also collected many needed items.   

Work Comp Central founder and Chief Executive Officer David DePaolo passed away July 17, 2016. 
David was a huge supporter of Kids’ Chance of California. 

As a non-profit, your help is critical in making Kids’ Chance of California a successful organization.
Your contribution will make a difference in the life of a child whose educational opportunities have
been dramatically limited because of a serious or fatal work-related injury to a parent or guardian. 

PIWC Charities

PIWC is committed to giving back to those in need within our community.  This year we will donate all proceeds from the raffle sales directly to the selected Charity and will consider any additional funds that may become available.  Our goal this year was to raise $3,500, but because of the growing support within our industry we were able to raise a total of $6,000.  

Below are the 2017 selected charities, which we are honored to support, and appreciate their cause.